Russian Birch Plywood is a high-quality construction material with excellent durability and resistance to moisture.

Plywood is a structural panel suitable for wide range construction, industrial applications and furniture processing. It is multi-layer panel made using cross-banded veneers and bonded with glue under heat and pressure. The thick peeled veneer is made from Birch (mainly Betulla Pendula, and some Betula Pubescens) logs. Birch plywood is famous for its high bending strength, water resistance, low weight and smooth surface. Plywood is environmentally friendly. It takes far more energy and resources to produce steel, concrete, or other building materials. The production of Birch plywood consists of many varieties of grades, dimensions and thickness.

We currently offer a wide variety of plywood to accommodate your needs.

Russian Birch (100% Birch)

Vietnamese Birch (Birch Face/Back, Acacia and Eucalyptus veneers for core)

Indonesian Birch (Birch Face/Back, Falcatta and mixed Meranti veneers for core)

Chinese Birch (Birch Face/Back, Poplar veneers for core)  Currently Not Available

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