Medallion has established a solid product base of material from all over the world. We pride ourselves in being able to consistently source all your imported plywood.  We offer a large selection of species and grades of wood. We have inventory available and strive to fulfill our customer’s needs.

Current Inventory Includes (but not limited to):

UV Coated Plywood:  UV Coated Plywood is a prefinished plywood it is a water based Medium Gloss finish on 1 or 2 sides. We can UV Coat to order also.

Hardwood Birch Plywood:

Russian: Russian Birch is composed of birch veneers.

Chinese: The core is primarily composed of Poplar veneers, but it can also use many other components including tropical veneers and composite products. 

Vietnamese:  The core is primarily composed of Acacia and Eucalyptus veneers, grown, sourced and processed in Vietnam.

Indonesian:  The core is primarily composed of Falcatta and mixed Meranti veneers, grown, sourced and processed in Indonesia.

Fancy Plywood:

Red Oak Plywood: Rotary cut Oak veneers with a various core options.

Alder Plywood: Rotary cut Alder with a core composed of Meranti veneer or MDF.

Maple Plywood: Rotary cut Maple veneers with a core composed of Meranti veneer.

Cherry Plywood: Rotary Cut Cherry Veneers with a core composed of Meranti veneer

Meranti Plywood: Composed of several species from SE Asia.  

Virola/Faveira Plywood: Species from Brazil.

Bending Board: South American sourced product, commonly composed of various South American tropical wood species. The veneers are all one direction (unidirectional) to allow bending.

Beaded Plywood: MDF core, composed of diverse species. Sourced from Asia, depending on specifications.

Underlayment Plywood: Sourced from Russia, Vietnam and Indonesia, depending on customer needs or specifications.

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